EXPANDING HANDS! towards preventing drug abuse amongst the youth!

BNCA has successfully conducted a two day addiction prevention training program (22& 23/9/17) for about 200 teachers of Phuentsholing Thromde schools. With this training, we now have more than 200 additional drug vigilantes in this very important border town. In the earlier months, BNCA has trained close to 1200 teachers of Thimphu Thromde schools on similar topic.

The training provided the teachers with basic understanding on the science, signs and symptoms of addiction, issues that lead to or cause addiction, evidence based prevention interventions for children into substance use and awareness on the important provisions of drugs and tobacco laws.

Teachers not only play crucial roles in shaping the lives of children they teach but they also carry huge influences on the families of their students and the community they live in. Thus making them aware of the growing threats of drugs in the country – especially amongst our youth, is both important and a priority as they can play critical roles in making the required interventions in their schools and in the communities they live in.

BNCA has prioritized similar programs for all other vulnerable places and schools around the country as a means of first line defence against the growing threats of drug abuse amongst our youth.

The training materials are largely based on evidence based certification curriculum of the Colombo Plan drug program. The program was developed and conducted in collaboration with relevant addiction counsellors, lawyer and officials from BNCA.

We take this opportunity to thank the respective Thromdes and their education officers, resource persons and the participants for making this program possible. For those schools in waiting, we will be there soon!