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  • Notification
    Bhutan Narcotics Control Authority would like to convey our regrets to all the applicants who applied for the post of Telephone Operator. We have to stop the recruitment upon the receipt of the instruction from the Royal Civil Service Commission for cancellation. Bhutan Narcotics Control Authority
  • Vacancy Announcement
    The Bhutan Narcotics Control Authority is pleased to announce vacancy for Telephone Operator II on Consolidated Contract as detailed below: For Details click the Link:
  • Announcement of result of the Shortlisted Candidates
     The Bhutan Narcotics Control Authority is pleased to short-list the following candidates for the post of Program Officer, Policy and Planning Services as detailed below: Shortlisted-Candidates
  • IMS Tender Announcement
    The BNCA has floated the tender for Development of Information Management System (IMS) on egp and interested bidder can login at https://www.egp.gov.bt
  • Shortlisted Candidates for post of Program Officer