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With the establishment of BNCA in 2006, BNCA has carried out numerous activities both in demand and supply reduction activities. Supply Reduction Measures are mainly focused on the enforcement and compliance with various provisions of the NDPSSA Act and Tobacco Control Act.

One of the major supply reduction measures that NDPSSA Act and TCA mandate is to control any illicit trafficking of NDPS and tobaccos, ensure compliance to non-smoking areas, effective licit use of precursor chemicals and NDPS.

Main objectives 

  1. To enhance the coverage of tobacco and drug control, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services in the country.
  2. To enhance capacity development within the agency and amongst all stakeholders in drug and tobacco law enforcement
  3. Develop appropriate measures to prevent and control abuse of controlled drugs and take medicare accepetance
  4. Promote regional and international cooperation in drug/Tobacco and precursor control

Specific Responsibilities

  • To implement the provisions of the Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substances and Substance Abuse Act of Bhutan 2015 and the Tobacco Control Act of Bhutan (2010) and Tobacco Control Rules and Regulation 2016.
  • To strengthen cooperation with competent agencies to prevent drug and Tobacco use, its root causes, and related crimes
  • Report to and represent in regional and international forums and conventions such as WHO FCTC, WHO, COP, Bloomberg Initiative, NCD, etc., for Tobacco Supply and Demand Reduction
  • Prepare report and represent as the member of technical working committee (FIU,RMA) and Alternate Official for CWC (MoFA)
  • Develop appropriate measures to control and prevent laundering of money relating to controlled drugs and substances
  • Periodically conduct an impact assessment of the plans and programs implemented to prevent and control abuse of controlled drugs and substances.
  • Develop capacity of law enforcement agencies to combat illicit trafficking of Narcotics Drugs, and Psychoactive Substances.
  • Co-operate in regional, sub regional, intergovernmental organizations and international level for technical and financial assistance on research, surveillance and exchange of information on Drugs and Tobacco Control.
  • Carryout the research on Drug related programmes
  • Conduct inspection and study the pattern of for Narcotics Drugs, Psychoactive Substances and precursor chemicals in industries and factories
  • To enhance capacity development within the agency and amongst all stakeholders in drug and Tobacco law enforcement and prevention.
  • Institutionalize mandatory/Random/ ad-hoc Drug Testing Programs in Ministries, agencies and others.
  • Planning, Organizing, controlling and evaluation of the drug and tobacco related activities in collaboration with relevant agencies and individuals.
  • To carry out an advocacy, sensitization and education programmes on Drugs and Tobacco products Sensitize law clubs, parents and person In-charges of entertainment centers on Tobacco Acts.
  • Develop training materials and conduct training of trainers for the law enforcement officers and guidelines/Standard Operating Procedures (SoP) and standards where required
  • Facilitate and Issue import permit for precursor chemicals and controlled drugs
  • Progressively establish and maintain an updated database of laws and regulations of Tobacco.
  • Disburse incentives (Rewards) for drug and informers
  • Any other related to sector